Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 42

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Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son by Jessicahall

Everly POV

“You look worried, ” Kalen states. He leaned forward before standing up, he motioned toward my chair,
and I walked over to it before taking my seat. Kalen takes the seat on the other side of my desk.

“No, I kind of expected it. You here too, what? Threaten me about telling Valen about Valarie? ” I ask
while pulling my phone from my pocket and sitting it on the desk.

"You think that little of me?”

“Well, you did let your mate die, so what else should I think?”

“I never intended for that to happen. I loved Val, she.. I was coming to claim her, and she always hid how
bad it was,”

“Bullshit, “

“You think I wouldn’t take it back if I could?” I didn’t care to hear his excuses, and I knew Tatum would be
lurking around, so if needed, I only had to call out to him.

“What do you want?” I ask him.

“Let Valen mark you, ” I fold my arms across my chest and sit back, I didn’t expect that.

“No, “

“Don’t be stupid, Everly. Do you want to turn out like Valarie?”

“And whose fault is that?” I spat at him.

“F*cking stubborn woman, you’re just like her. Set in your ways, “

“Marking me will solve nothing, five years I lived with him screwing around, am I supposed to forget that,
forget him turfing me out in the rain when I tried to tell him?”

Kalen scrubs a hand down his face. “My son won’t take anyone besides his mate, and I need some kind
of leverage against your father, “

“My father is not my issue,”

“Don’t be so stupid. I am trying to stop a war, ” “And you think I am the answer to it. My father won’t care
if I marry Valen or mate and mark him. He hates me and me having a kid to him will only make him hate
me more if he finds out,”

“You have no idea what’s at stake here, ” “For you or me?”


“Then tell me I am not a damn mind reader you need to be either transparent or get out of my office, “

“I know you don’t trust me, Everly. But I am trying to do the right thing here, “

“You’re right; I don’t so cut to the chase. What is it you really want?”

“I want my son to be happy. I want my grandson to be a part of his life,” He pauses and sighs heavily.

“I want to make up for the past. I want to do what’s right by Valarie, what she would have wanted, ” He
says, and I chew my lip.

“How does letting Valen mark me help you with my father, “

“Because when does, you are going to announce whose daughter you are,”

“Excuse me?”

“Valen won’t mark Ava now he knows he has a mate,

“I am not sure I understand what you are getting at, ” I told him when my phone started ringing and
vibrating on the table. I glance at it, and so does Kalen, who motions me to answer it since it was the

The moment I answered, Valarian’s teacher was screeching at me through the phone. I jerked the phone
away from my ear and placed it on the loudspeaker, so I didn’t rupture an eardrum. Kalen shook his head
while I tried to get her to calm down.

“Ms. Summers, a man has come and stolen your Valarian and Little Casey from class. He just walked out
with them. He is claiming Valarian is his son,” I growl, annoyed while Kalen smiled, muttering under his

“Alpha Valen, ma’am?”

“Yes, do you know that no good scoundrel?”

I roll my eyes. Alpha Valen wasn’t the most favored Alpha among rogues. Kalen cleared his throat, and I
sighed, knowing I had to admit there was no kidnapping, and Valen is his father.

“Yes, he is Valarian’s father, he took him to school for me this morning, ” I tell her, and Kalen nods and
folds his arms, obviously happy with my answer. I didn’t get Kalen; I thought for sure he would be here

trying to warn me away from his son, not encourage me to be with him.

I narrow my eyes at him, listening to her tell me I needed to fill forms out at the school, that Valen had to
hand in his ID, and yadda, yadda like anyone would actually be able to stop the feared Alpha Valen even
if he broke the law, he was the law in the City.

“I will speak to him,” I assure her before hanging up. I grit my teeth and start searching my contact list for
his number before hitting dial. He answered it after a couple of rings, and I snapped at him before he had
a chance to speak.

“Why has the school rang me to say you have kidnapped Valarian and Casey?”

“I have done no such thing. Technically I am still on school property,” he states, and I rub my forehead
before pinching the bridge of my nose in frustration.

“Valarian’s teacher just rang me, Valen. Where is my son?” I ask through gritted teeth. I was beginning to
get a headache.

“Beside me, with Casey, do you know his teacher is a stoner? ” he whispered, and I sighed. It was pretty
obvious she was, I don’t think a single teacher there was actually sober.

“Yes, most are. A lot of the teachers there are from the rogue commune. What do you expect?”

“It is unacceptable, ” he snaps at me, and I move the phone to the other ear when suddenly Kalen is
holding out a tissue to me. My brows furrow when I feel something dribble on my lips and taste my blood
coating my lips. I take it from him, and he watches me, his brows pinching together, and he opens his
mouth but quickly closes.

“Well, I have not got time for this. I am in a meeting with….Ah… with someone, “

“That’s fine. I will watch them. I am not leaving them with her,” Watch them. He wouldn’t even know what
to do with them. Yet I was stuck here in this ridiculous meeting with his father, but I didn’t want to tell him
that and have him get it stuck in his head that I was allowing him to mark me.

“No, Valen, they need to be in school, and I am supposed to pick up Taylor today, “

“And who is this Taylor?” He demands, and I could hear the burning anger in his voice. Kalen chuckles,
and I raise an eyebrow at him. “Jealous.” Kalen mouths to me.

“Huh, Macey’s daughter, it’s my turn to pick them up today, ” I sighed, shaking my head, amused that he
thought Taylor was a man.

“You know which one is Taylor’s class? ” I hear him ask one of the kids.

“Valen, you can’t just kidnap other people’s kids,” I tell him.

“I’m not. Get Zoe and Macey to ring and give me permission to take them. You have five minutes, ” he
abruptly hangs up, and I curse, and Kalen chuckles.

” He thought you were seeing someone, I know my son, and he never gets defensive like that, ” Kalen

” He has no right to be anything, ” I tell him before walking to the door and asking the secretary to get
Macey and Zoe.

“My son may have a reputation, but he is a good man, far better than me. He would be a good father,
Everly, “

“What about a good mate? Can you promise me that? ” Kalen sighed heavily.

“Look, you want your son safe, right, protected. Valen is the key to protecting him,”

“I have protected him for years, and I don’t need Valen’s help or your strange help if that is even what
you are doing or trying to do,” Kalen went to say something when the door burst open. Macey and Zoe
rushed in. Macey seeing Kalen, glares at him before pointing an accusing finger at him.

“I swear, Alpha Asshole, if your son has hurt my daughter, you won’t be leaving this damn room,” Macey
spits at him while Zoe tries to calm her down.

“He is nice,” I raise an eyebrow at Zoe.

“Well, he is to me, and I don’t think he would hurt our kids, I spent all damn morning with him, and he
only wanted to help with his son,” Zoe explains.

“My son would never hurt a child. Tell me one article you have read where he has injured a kid, leave him
be; he will just take them out or bring them back if he can’t handle them,” Kalen offers Macey.

“And you?”

“He was upset the teacher is a stoner, nothing malicious,” I answer. Macey looked between us all, and I
could hear her heart racing in her chest. She closes her eyes and sucks in a deep breath.

“Sorry, it feels weird. Besides these two, the only ones that I leave Taylor with are my mother and brother,

“Can never be too careful, but my son means well, ” Kalen says before looking at me. I bite my lip. What
was his game?

I dial Valarian’s teacher’s number. “Hello, Ms. Summers, “

“Yes, it is fine for Valarian to take the kids,” “Ms. Summers, I can’t allow him to take her,”

“Macey and Zoe are right here. I will put Macey on, “

“I already rang the school on the walk over,” Zoe says, and I nod.

“And Zoe already rang the front office,”

“Oh, oh right, well, put Ms. Aldrene on then, ” I hand the phone to Macey, who snatches it up and allows
him to remove Taylor from class before demanding to speak to Valen. Kalen raised an eyebrow but
remained quiet.

“Hello, “

“Are you seriously kidnapping our kids?

“Well, if you don’t like the schooling Mr. Solace do something about it. It is the only school here for rogue
children, but I swear to god you try to take my daughter out of this City; you won’t need to fear the
Forsaken. Alpha or not, I will skin you alive and put you on ants nest,”

“Yes, I trust Everly and Zoe’s judgment of you. Now put Taylor on. She will not go with a stranger,” Macey
snaps at him.

She quickly talks to her daughter before thrusting the phone in my direction and sighs, running her
fingers through her hair before glancing at Kalen.

“Why is he here?” She suddenly asked, and Zoe turned her head to stare at him too.

“Just here to give Everly my wishes on the marking, “

“More like force her hand, ” Macey mutters. Kalen stands up, and we all take a step back except Macey. I
swear she was either sometimes stupid or just fearless.

“We can catch up again later,” Kalen says before nodding to the girls and taking his leave.

“What was that about?”

“I have no damn idea, just said to let Valen mark me, ” I shake my head and laugh. Neither of them does,
instead both eyeing the tissue in my hands.

“Maybe you should Everly, he,” “No, I…no,” I repeat, remembering every time I had to feel him with other
she-wolves, every damn night. How could everyone just expect me to forget?

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