Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 60

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I raised an eyebrow at him, and he smirked at me before answering as he moved between my legs and
rested his arms on my pillow.

“Valen!” I growl, looking away but also not wanting to shove him off because the tingling sensation made
my stomach warm and fuzzy.

He chuckles but presses his weight against me when I don’t shove him off. “Then I will drop my borders
for them,” Valen says, and my eyes snap to his. “You would do that?” I asked and he nods.

“Maybe once I do, the other packs may open their borders, too.” “Valen, the media will destroy you for
that,” I tell him and he shrugs. “And after the Alpha meeting and I announce my mate is a rogue, it will
give them something else to talk about. I don’t care for my reputation Everly.

No matter what, the media will find some way to destroy it, so why not give them something good to talk
about, let them open the debate, then we can focus on changing their views,” he says before leaning
down and brushing his nose across my cheek to my ear and down my jaw. “Valen, it is impossible to
think with you doing that,” I tell him as his hands bunch the shirt up I am wearing at my hip.

“The don’t think, just agree, you have no excuses now, Everly,” “I can think of plenty,” I tell him as he nips
at my jaw, making me groan and shudder beneath him. “Are they all to do with the rogues and you
thinking I am going to ruin you?” He murmurs before kissing down my neck. I nod, my eyes closing,
loving the feel of his lips on my skin as I tried to keep my thoughts clear that were suddenly becoming

“Then let me prove it, tomorrow I will drop the borders and open the schools and my pack to the rogues,”
“You could just be saying that to get in my pants,” I tell him as his hand travels down my hip to my thigh.

He laughs softly. “Well, that would be an added bonus, but you are not wearing any panties, so I don’t
need to try and get into them,” My eyes fly open at his words. “I thought it would be a bit odd borrowing
those when I am already wearing your shirt,” I tell him.

“What’s mine is yours,” he says while tugging my shirt up higher. “And what’s mine will be yours if you
mark me,” I tell him, a little bitterly. He pulls his face away from my neck and stares down at me. “You’re
worried I will take everything from you, right?” I nodded and sighed. “What if I made it, so I can’t,” he
asked. “What do you mean?” “What if I hand my pack over to you,” “What?” “I will stand down, make you
Alpha. I will give you my pack, ” he says like it made perfect sense. “Valen, I can’t ask you to do that, and
then what, you become my Luna?” He seems to think. “Now that would be a first,” he mumbled. “I’m
being serious, Valen,” “So am I, Everly. I mean it. I just want you, f*ck what the other packs think, I will
stand down as Alpha, and I don’t know, just be your mate,” “No, I am not taking your place, and no. I
don’t want to be an AIpha.

Luna maybe, but no, I have the rogues to worry about; I don’t want to worry about pack issues on top,
and technically you would still be Alpha. You can’t just stop being an Alpha,” I tell him. He sighs because
he knows I am right unless I make him rogue or forsaken after giving me his title. “Yeah, you’re right
because I have to mark you anyway, so you don’t die on me,” he says with a huff. “What about a prenup
then?” “Still holds no legal accountability when you’re an AIpha.”

“Then I don’t know, Everly. What do you want me to do because you don’t trust me not to take everything
from you, ” I chew my lip, trying to think. “I won’t take anything from you; you keep saying I will toss you
away or make you give up helping the rogues; I won’t. They are your village, Valarian’s village, and his
family. So don’t trust me not to hurt you, trust I won’t hurt our son,” “Wait, you won’t hurt our son,” I
murmur to myself. Because I know he wouldn’t. I knew that for certain, I could feel how much he loves
Valarian, loves me, he could hurt me out of spite, but he wouldn’t hurt Valarian.

“Of course not, I may be a shitty mate well, not shitty, but you know what I mean, but I am good father,
Everly. I would never hurt our son,” “Then get a judge to sign everything over to him,” “What?”
“Everything I own is to be signed over to Valarian, with me having total control until he is 18,” “You want a
conservatorship?” he asked shocked. “Then I have nothing for you to take; it belongs to Valarian,” Valen
shakes his head. “No, keep your hotel,” “But?” “I will sign everything I own over to you, all deeds all
accounts,” “But you could easily get back, Valen. You’re an Alpha,” I tell him.

“But it would still take me months in court,” he argues. “You own the courts,” I deadpan. “Not the human
ones I don’t, everything I own I will file in the human courts over to you, I can’t touch you then and will
have to fight for it back the human way,” he said, making a face. “But then I will look like a gold digger,” I
tell him and shake my head. “Then just trust me, for once trust someone other than yourself, or give Zoe
and Macey part ownership something, I can only control legally what you own, I can’t control it if it isn’t in
my name, and Marcus won’t ever do that to Zoe,” Valen says.

“And you would get a judge to do that, help me sign it over equally to Macey and Zoe?” I asked shocked
he would let allow me to hand half the hotel over. “If it means I can have you, then yes, besides, like you
said, they helped build that place, only fair they get half of it, you could probably do it yourself with a
lawyer,” he says. “No tricks?” I ask. “No, tricks,” he says, smiling down at me. I nodded, actually liking
that idea, and I couldn’t wait to tell Zoe and Macey.

“Oh, thank god,” Valen groans before kissing me. “Valen!” I mumble against his lips. “Quiet, you have run
out of excuses now,” he laughs while his hands claw at my shirt. I suppose I had now. “But you are not
marking me until after the AIpha meeting, and the documents are signed.” He hums in agreement,
pressing himself against me as he nips and sucks at my neck. I moaned, trying to keep my head while
his lips attacked my skin. “Valen!” I shrieked when I felt his shirt tear in his hands, exposing me to him.
He pulls away and sighs. “I said yes, I won’t mark you until the paperwork is signed,” He whined.

“So please let me touch-” I yanked him closer and kissed him and he groaned, settling back between my
legs. I shiver when he kisses me back, and moan into his mouth when he rolls his hips against me, his
erection pressing against the inside of my thigh. I move my hand between us and squeeze his cock
through his pants and he groans kissing me harder and rocking his hips against me.. “No, wrestling, we
can’t fit Zoe’s brother or sister in our house, and I am not sharing a room,” comes Valarian’s voice
suddenly beside the bed. Valen leapt off me and I jumped, ripping the blanket up to cover myself.

“What are you doing in here? You are supposed to be in bed, ” Valen said, clutching his chest like he was
about to have a heart attack. “Casey keeps sleep talking and woke me up,” Valarian huffed. “Come on, I
will tuck you back in,” Valen tells him. “No, I want to sleep in here, so you can’t make me share my
room,” Valarian says, glaring at me.

Valen groans, clearly annoyed our son was cock blocking him. “But there will be plenty of room if we
move in here with your father, two extra rooms,” I tell him not that I was planning on having unprotected
sex anyway, but he didn’t need to know that. “Really? We are going to live here now?” Valarian asks, his
little eyes lighting up, and Valen looks over at me.

I nod, and he smiles before motioning for Valarian to follow him so he can put him back to bed. “Fine, but
I want a brother, not a sister, I have lived with Casey for so long now, girls suck, and I am sick of
watching trolls,” Valarian whines.

“Somehow, I don’t think it works like that. You don’t get to choose,” Valen tells him. “Then just wrestle in a
boy way to make a boy,” Valarian says simply like it made total sense. I chuckle and shake my head. “I
will keep that in mind,” Valen tells him while walking him back to his room.

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