Novel Name : Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son

Chapter 61

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Foy Tucking Valarian in bed , I was excited to get back to Everly . Finally , my taffs are blue that I just
want her to touch it and even look at it . I would take anything at this point , I ain’t picky , I will probably
blow a load just by the sight of her pretty pink vagina Walking to the door , I had a spring in my step until
my spawn opened his little mouth .

” Can you read me a book ? ” Valarian asks ; I froze with my hand on the door mid escape . Please be a
five page pop – up book with one sentence on each page . ” Sure , ” I tell him turning around and
stepping over Casey , who was asleep on his trundle . Valarian holds up the never ending story . It
literally was a never ending fucking story . The thing was at least five hundred pages . Please be big
lettering like page size , one letter a page big letters .

Vatarian shuffles over , and I squeeze next to him on the bed , having to fold myself like origami to fit on
the pint – sized human bed and open this book which , of course , was to do with space just like his
bedroom . At least it’s educational , I groan . Which idiot brought this book ? Wait , I did ; I was that idiot .
I would never encourage nighttime reading again ; I get it now ! Valarian looks up at me , blinking and
yawning with a cute little face staring at me expectantly .

I start reading and get to some part on the milky – way and glance down , hoping he is asleep , but then I
make eye contact with eyes that match mine . He was awake ! Why , why do you do me like this !

I was aware I was chucking a tantrum , knew it was a tantrum but for the love of God , go to fucking
sleep ! 3 Stifling a growl and the urge to toss the book out the window , I continued reading . I knew
Everly could feel my frustration , possibly feel the weight in m y damn balls too . Zoe owes me big for her
crotch goblin waking my boy when I could finally get in some sexy time .

Even reading to Valarian , she kept mumbling about pink unicorns or some crap . I was damn near
tempted to duct tape her mouth shut or put her in the hall . Lucky she is cute and kind of growing on me .
To be honest , she had me at Uncle Valen , so I guess I wouldn’t disown her yet , and I would let her stay

I continued reading this encyclopedia on space . An hour goes by , and I swear I heard Everly chuckle in
the room down the hall . She was enjoying my torment , enjoying my blue balls . I almost did a happy
dance when I noticed the fruit of my loins had finally crashed and carefully snuck off his bed . Stepping
over Casey only to find her staring up at me , and in her hands was another book .

” Ah , sweety , my throat is dry , ” I tell her , and she pouts , fluttering the lashes of her big hazel eyes . ”
You can have a sip from my drink bottle , Uncle Valen , ” she says while beaming and holding it up . That
bloody word again , but it sounds so endearing . ‘ Uncle ‘ has a nice ring to it . That’s it . Zoe is on my
most wanted list , off with her fucking head .

Casey moves over and rummages on the shelf pulling out a book that thankfully only had about twenty
pages . She holds u p her drink bottle to me , and I shake my head , Definitely not drinking from that after
she slurped on it . ” For your throat , so you can read , ” she said , and I heard Everly snicker . She is
sorely mistaken if she thinks she is getting out of it , or would be by the time I was done with her .

No amount of willpower could stop the gagging cough as I squirted the tiniest amount of her water in my
mouth . The time it took for me to swallow it and not run for the bathroom and sanitize my mouth was the
longest few seconds of my life . It was like forcing myself to swallow a golfball , ” You can have some
more ; I don’t mind sharing , ” Casey chirps . Does she not know whose father I am ?

Does she not see that he gets his strange behaviors from me ? Casey insists on me drinking some more
of her backwash drink bottle , and I gag . The water tasted slimy . It shouldn’t taste slimy . Why is it slimy
? That was definitely spit and I think , a piece of cookie . I looked at the drink bottle and the tiny hole at
the top before looking down at Casey .

How ? I wanted answers on how she could get a cookie in her drink bottle . It makes no sense , and I just
swallowed it . Casey , now happy my non – existent thirst was quenched , hands me her book . I was
going to hunt down the author or director , whoever invented prancing trolls , and murder them .

They deserved death . I understood Valarian’s hate for the movie , show , whatever the heck it was . The
kid was obsessed . And I don’t mean slightly ; I am pretty certain Casey was their number one fan . They
should be giving her freebies at this point .

She was a walking , talking promotion for them . Even the hairbands in her braided hair had princess
poppy on them . I settled next to her reading it to her . I tried to skim a few lines to hurry it up . But she
caught me . She is obsessed .

I don’t know why she needed me to read it . She knew it word for word and could probably recite it
backward . After the fifth read – through , she finally passed out , and I made a quick dash for the
bathroom and chugged down half a bottle of mouth wash before brushing my teeth and finishing the
other half of the mouth wash . I needed to cleanse my insides of the bacteria I had just ingested .

I shiver at the thought of the germs in that bottle .. I sneak back to my room with a sigh of relief and shut
the door and flick the lock . I mentally debated dragging the dresser i n front of it , too but figured surely
they couldn’t pick a lock . Turning around , I looked at the bed . Nope , not happening .

She was asleep . I did not just ingest a slobbered on piece of cookie and drink spit water , and read half
the damn library for her to fall asleep before I got back . Nope , she is paying up . I briefly wondered if I
could get her to pay up for the kiss she owes , maybe kiss my little head instead o f my big one .

I ponder cursing Zoe and the kids for a few seconds before climbing in the bed like a creeper and
stalking my mate . Sneaking between the sheets , I climb between her legs only for her to linee me in the
face . ” shit , are you alright ? ” she mumbles , half asleep . ” Valen , it’s late , ” she whines and yawns a s
I shove her legs apart and grip her ass i n my hands and drag her pussy closer for me to feast on . I suck
on her thigh , and she jumps as I nip and suck at her skin , working my way to my prize .

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