Novel Name : Right Person, Wrong Time

Chapter 1400 Pondering

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After making the arrangements, Chloe passed a cup of warm milk to Nicole and said, "Drink some
warm milk. What brings you here, Nicole?"

Nicole took a small sip as she was tired of drinking it, but she had to keep going for the baby in her

"I heard something happened and got worried. Is everything alright now?" She heard that the
equipment in the center had issues when she was at home, and Chloe wasn't answering her phone.
She got worried and rushed over to check on the situation.

"Yes. Something happened, but it's settled now. Darcy came over—that secretary of Kendrick's." Chloe
nodded and explained to Nicole to soothe her.

She was still hesitating whether to tell Nicole about her suspicions of Darcy. She was afraid Nicole
would say that she was overthinking things.

Nicole noticed Chloe's hesitation and knew that she must be embarrassed to tell her something. She
asked, "Chloe, I know you well after being friends for so long. What is it you want to say? There's no
need to hold back."

Chloe looked up in surprise and smiled when she saw the tenderness in Nicole's eyes. Nicole had
always been like this; she was their support and anchor.

"I suspect Darcy has something to do with this," Chloe said seriously.

She noticed the confusion in Nicole's eyes and explained, "She was being strange and hinting at

something when she came. Her expression was also weird when the workers were moving the

Despite her suspicion, Chloe had no proof that Darcy was the one behind this.

She was frustrated at the lack of proof and felt that she was slow and inefficient.

However, Nicole listened attentively and nodded at the end of her words. "I know, Chloe. I believe you.
You can slowly investigate this matter. I think you're right. It's just that without evidence, it's hard to
convict her of this."

Chloe looked at her with widened eyes, for she didn't expect Nicole to still believe her when she had no
evidence. It spoke volumes of the trust Nicole had in her.

"Okay. I got it. I won't let you down, Nicole. Leave this to me!" Chloe promised confidently. As long as
Nicole believed her, she was willing to give it a go.

Nicole nodded and looked at Chloe gently. Even if Chloe didn't bring this up, she would still suspect
Kendrick's people since he knew that Beryl had come to see Chloe.

Even though she had not interacted with him much, she could see that he was a paranoid person. For
someone like him to sit in such a high position, it was natural that he would be suspicious of them and
meddle with the equipment.

Nonetheless, how should they deal with him after solving the issue this time?

"Oh, right. I have something to ask you, Chloe." Nicole suddenly thought of something and looked at

Chloe seriously. She needed to confirm something.

"What is it? I'll tell you everything I know." Judging by the look on Nicole's face, Chloe knew it had to be
something serious. She would answer truthfully without holding back.

Nicole was too kind to them, but she had nothing else to repay her and promised to be her friend in the
next life to continue her repayment.

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