Novel Name : The Supreme Harvey York

Chapter 4649

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Sasaki Tairo completely froze when he sat on the ground.

He was not surprised that Harvey York was able to beat him. He was just furious at most.

But it was way beyond his expectation to see Colson John being sent flying that easily.

In his eyes, Colson was on par with the Top Ten Talents of Kendo!

And yet this happened…


Harvey stepped forward before swinging yet another slap.

Colson twitched on the ground momentarily before coughing out blood mixed with a few of his teeth.

He mustered his strength to stand up, but his entire body kept convulsing.

Only he knew that after getting slapped around so many times, his dignity, ego, and
everything else collapsed almost immediately!

Harvey raised his hand again with a cold expression.


Colson slammed his knees to the ground without hesitation.

He was afraid!

Deeply afraid!

*** On the next day, at seven o’clock in the morning.

Alma John walked out of the White Swan Hotel with a refreshed look.

Not only did she deal with Mandy Zimmer for Silas John last night, but she even got a few men with her
to celebrate.

She had experienced joy like never before.

She felt completely relaxed when she walked out of the hotel.

Other than getting seventy million dollars from Silas, she had already been irritated by Mandy’s

As long as Mandy was impure like her, she could finally get rid of her envy and hatred.

She did not expect she would complete her task while also getting the money simultaneously.

She was almost about to happily sing her favorite song the moment she left the hotel.

Her phone was muted since she had too much fun the day before.

Dozens of missed calls came straight from Colson during that time.

Colson’s status was a lot higher compared to Silas’s.

Alma shivered when she saw the missed calls. She quickly called back without wasting any more time.

Colson only mentioned Riverside Restaurant before hanging up.

Soon after, Alma came to the place.

The restaurant was a lot different in the morning. The bustling view of people could not be seen at this

That said, the place was still filled with luxurious cars, as if many people were accompanying a
prominent figure.

Alma was shocked by the sight but figured it was Colson’s doing.

After all, his status in her heart was immensely high.

The moment she came to the top floor, she instantly froze.

A round table of yellow flower pear wood was set in the middle.

A hundred and eight desserts were placed on the table with all sorts of tea.

Harvey crossed his legs while sitting in the main seat as he calmly ate his food.

He was also holding some newspaper when he occasionally glanced at it.

A tall and strong man kneeled beside him. He was constantly trembling without daring to raise his

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