Novel Name : The First Heir

Chapter 4229

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After a while, Philip added, “Although we won this time, there was also a very serious drawback. Our
max strength is far inferior to other forces. We only have four high-level pseudo holy beings, and not
even one in level nine! Under such circumstances, how are we supposed to compete for the stone of
path order distribution rights this time?”

Everyone fell silent. They discovered this problem too.

Their current combat power at the level of nine stars was definitely sufficient, but the high-level pseudo
holy tier was a completely different story, not to mention the small number of pseudo holy beings. Even
they felt helpless about this problem. Anyone ranked high on the list was already affiliated, making it
difficult to win them over.

On the other hand, if they wanted to raise their levels, it was impossible to do so in a short time.

Thinking of this, everyone grew more depressed.

Philip glanced at the people around him, and his brows furrowed further while feeling helpless.

Although Big Dipper Palace was just an organization he started on a whim, he hoped to develop it
successfully too.

If he did that, at least he would not fall behind in terms of intelligence. It would also make it convenient
for him whether he wanted to overthrow the Jagoan royal family or the ancient dragon royal family in the

Both parties were only making use of each other at this point, far from reaching the level where everyone
was very loyal to him.

Thinking of this, Jagoan felt his head aching. He reached out to massage the center of his brows. After a
moment of silence, he looked at everyone with dark eyes.

“The White Imperial City ancient ruin will open in less than two months. I don’t care how you make use of
this duration, whether it’s to recruit more people or improve your strength, but everyone must take part in
the White Imperial City’s ancient ruins.”

“Besides that, all the participants must show an improvement in strength after coming out of White
Imperial City! If I don’t see an improvement in either level or strength, your contract will be terminated
and you’ll be expelled from Big Dipper Palace. We don’t do charity here.”

“Understood!” everyone below responded in unison.

All of them were talents who were unwilling to fall behind others. However, they were a little swollen-
headed recently. Out of eighty percent of the families robbed in Guan, they plundered at least forty
percent of them.

This led them to think that most people in this world were inferior to them.

Although this was indeed the case, they had forgotten that they were talents, not ordinary people!

Even though Jagoan did not say much today, it alerted them and raised their awareness.

“I won’t say anything else. I hope you can take care of this.”

“On another note, for the resources that we looted this time, Licht will distribute the resources to you.”

“You guys don’t have to accept any mission either. Just focus on improving your strength. Understand?”


Everyone nodded, and many turned to Licht with smiles in their eyes, which made Licht’s scalp tingle.

Licht quickly said, “Palace Master, I want to give you some things first. As our palace master, your
advancement is the most important, so I picked out some things for you.”

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