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Chapter 2429

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MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 2429-Then, he reminded her, “If he truly is Mr. Ellison’s grandson,
how could Mr. Ellison have ended up the way he did?”

“What happened, exactly?” Nicole asked, getting more curious about the situation.

“To be exact, all of this happened because of the bad blood between Harvey’s parents and Mr. Ellison.
Mr. Ellison didn’t like Harvey’s mother, and that’s why Harvey’s parents had not returned to the Ellison
family for so long. It was not until Harvey’s family passed away that Mr. Ellison took Harvey home,”
Jared explained with a look of indifference.

“So Harvey had a bone to pick with Mr. Ellison?” Nicole queried, beginning to understand what was
going on.

“Yeah.” Jared nodded. “Mr. Ellison wanted to raise Harvey peacefully and allow him to inherit all of the
assets in the Ellison family. No one expected him to come back just for revenge.”

Without waiting for Mr. Ellison to relinquish his position in Ellison Group, Harvey had brazenly seized all
of the equity in the Ellison Group and coerced the board of directors into relieving Mr. Ellison of his
position as chairman. Although Mr. Ellison was heartbroken, he did not make a fuss about it and quietly
went back to teaching at Royal Creek Institute, and had never stepped foot in the Ellison family ever

“Sheesh, I never knew that there was such drama between them,” Nicole lamented.

As it turned out, this entire fiasco was the reason as to why Mr. Ellison had an air of sorrow when she
met him yesterday. It was a rather sad story.

“But then, Mr. Ellison seems to be doing relatively fine. His intention was to hand over all of the family
assets to Harvey anyways,” Nicole stated.

The only thing that had upset him was that Harvey had achieved his goals through means different
from what Mr. Ellison had planned.

“How should I put it? Although the results were the same, Mr. Ellison’s heart must have been
thoroughly shattered,” Jared explained bitterly.

At this rate, it was hard to put a finger on who was the one in the wrong.

“Don’t bother too much with other people’s affairs. But do put your guard up when you see Harvey next
time,” Jared said with a frosty look.

He was not concerned about the affairs of others, but due to the fact that Harvey had a dark and
twisted mind, Jared thought that it was something Nicole should take note of.

“Alright,” Nicole agreed with a solemn look.

She knew she had to be wary of Harvey, especially after knowing these dirty secrets of his.

With her eyes on Jared, Nicole was aware that Jared had a connection with Mr. Ellison that was far
from superficial, and so, she could not help but ask, “As for Mr. Ellison, are you not going to do
anything about it?”

“There’s no point in interfering,” Jared said indifferently.

After all, Mr. Ellison’s current situation was a result of the estrangement between him and Harvey,
rather than Harvey’s act of taking over through dubious means. Ultimately, those assets were ultimately
meant for him.

For an old man, all Mr. Ellison cared about was his family, which was something he no longer had. As
for the issue between Harvey and Mr. Ellison, Jared was an outsider. Thus, it would not be appropriate
for him to interfere.

Nicole sighed, understanding Jared’s reasoning. With that in mind, she stopped pressing any further.

Soon, the car came to a stop at the headquarters of Riddle Corporation, where Nicole opened the door,
got out of the car, and waved to Jared with a smile. “Goodbye.”

Jared responded with a smile and waved back before instructing Max to drive off.

The car picked up speed, and Nicole watched as it drove away before entering the company building.
However, she paused when she saw a familiar figure.

“Hehe. You caught me,” Lulu said, surprised.

She had intended to cover Nicole’s eye to scare her, but as expected, Nicole had whirled around before
she could.

Nicole shook her head and chuckled. “Gosh, you’re not a kid anymore.”

Lulu poked her tongue and wrapped her arms around Nicole. “You two were inseparable, so I thought I
didn’t want to disturb you.”

In response, Nicole lightly tapped Lulu’s forehead. “We’re not as lovey-dovey as you and Spencer are.”

“We’re not lovey-dovey,” Lulu flushed.

The two of them then chatted and laughed as they entered the office wing, that was until they
coincidentally ran into Sean and Steve.

“Where are you going?” Nicole asked, noticing that they were preparing to leave the building.

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