Novel Name : A Life Debt Repaid

Chapter 1413

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Sensing the office door open, Ryan snapped without looking up, “Get out! Haven’t you learned to

Marvin and Lindsay were at the door, and his outburst left their faces falling.

They had always considered Ryan their pride, not to mention that he would always be the polite,
obedient son when they were around.

Naturally, his outburst left them in disbelief-even Marvin would not snap at his employees like that!

On the other hand, sensing that they were not moving, Ryan snapped impatient, “Do you not
understand what I’m-‘

He looked up, cutting himself short when he suddenly saw Marvin and Lindsay standing there with
Peter behind them.

Ryan’s expression quickly changed, and a flicker of nervousness showed in his eyes.

He was already frustrated, filled with pent-up stress by the improvement in Saunderia’s finances and
Sam’s leadership. That was why he was venting those frustrations without knowing who it was.

“What are you doing here?” Marvin asked as he strode inside.

It was only then that Ryan realized he was seated on his father’s chair.

He had no idea Marvin would be coming—he even called Lindsay a few days ago, and she told him at
the time that she would not be letting Marvin return to work so soon and insisted that Marvin rest a little

Quickly getting off the chair, Ryan said, “I came to see if there’s anything I can help with-l’m worried
about leaving Sam alone in charge of Saunderia.


“Is that so?” Marvin growled, slightly cold toward Ryan just then.

He walked straight toward his chair.

Though Ryan promptly stepped aside, looking embarrassed, he merely stared at his chair and did not
sit down, clearly feeling repulsed.

Even if they were father and son, it was a known fact that people with power were less tolerant toward
others taking their place. After all, it was a challenge to his authority.

And Ryan knew that, so he quickly explained, “Since I came in a hurry, and Saunderia was busy with
the crisis before, no one had time to get me an office. I was worried about imposing too, so I made do
with your office.”

Marvin’s eyes narrowed coldly.

Ryan was using his office and calling it ‘made do’?!

The boy was really getting full of himself!

“Well, since you’re back, I won’t have to come in anymore,” Ryan added then. “Things are busy with my
research, and progress is stagnating a little because I’ve been applying for leave constantly.”

“Yeah,” Marvin replied. “You just stick to your work. Leave Saunderia to Sam.”

Ryan was left staring at Marvin.

Even if his career as a researcher was his choice, the way his father told him to leave Saunderia to
Sam so naturally still left him a little upset.

“Sam’s still young,” Ryan said nonetheless. “He might get careless—I think you should keep a close
eye on him.”

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