Novel Name : Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2490

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Hearing this, Camryn looked up at him and asked with a smile, “Is she delivering? The last time I heard
Serenity mention her due date, it was next month. Why did she have the baby now? It’s half a month
ahead of schedule. It is a premature birth.”

Callum: “It’s still early; otherwise, we go to the hospital to visit Mrs. Stone first and then return to the

Mrs. Stone was Serenity’s aunt. The Stone family and the York family were considered relatives. Mrs.
Stone’s daughter-in-law had given birth, and they should go and see her.

“You have the final say.”

Camryn stood up immediately and said, “I’m going to prepare some gifts. By the way, I’ve already
prepared a few gold locks. Should I send them now or wait until the baby is one month old? When the
baby is one month old, it seems that I also need to buy a few new sets of clothes for the baby.”

Callum: “Just prepare some gifts to take with you, and save the rest for the full moon wine. Have you
prepared several gold locks?”

Camryn went to prepare gifts. Taking out the nutritional supplements, she said, “Jasmine has a baby,
and Serenity also has a baby, so I prepared a few more golden locks to give to the babies as greeting

Callum stood up and walked over, looking at her as she took out the boxes of supplements and put
them into gift bags. His eyes were soft and affectionate, and he whispered, “Well, prepare a few more,
and we will have babies in the future.”

Turning to look at him, Camryn smiled and said, “We haven’t even gotten married yet, and it’s still too
early to have a baby. I didn’t hear Dr. Carden say that my current body is difficult to conceive and

needs to be treated for a year and a half. If someone else can help me with it, the investigation will take
three to five years at most.”

Callum: “It’s okay; we can prepare more things for the baby in advance. When the baby is born, she will
be a rich little woman.”

Camryn smiled and did not say any more words.

She didn’t know when she was going to be a mother yet, so there was no need to rush to prepare for

After preparing the gifts, Camryn went upstairs to change into a set of clothes and then left home with

Callum thought that since he went to the hospital to visit Alice, he helped Camryn get medicine there.
He would definitely stay at Wildridge Manor at night. Camryn had to take medicine every day.

The two went to the hospital to visit Alice.

The high-end ward where Alice lived was crowded with many people. They were all relatives and
friends of the Stone family who had received the good news and came to visit Alice and see the
newborn baby.

When Callum and Camryn knocked on the door and went in, the others had just left, and only Clive and
Alice were in the room.

The baby was crying. Clive walked around with his son in his arms, coaxing the baby not to cry. When
Clive saw Callum coming, he nodded towards him as a greeting.

“Why is he crying?”

Callum saw that Clive was holding the baby in a strange way and said to him, “Is it because you are
holding him in an uncomfortable way?”

He came closer to look at the baby and felt that the small one was a bit ugly, crying without even
opening her eyes, and the crying was very loud, not cute at all.

Clive and Alice were both handsome and beautiful, so why did they give birth to an ugly baby?

Callum didn’t dare to say this.

Grandma May also said that the baby was cute and handsome, but he couldn’t see what made the
baby so handsome.

“I don’t know why he’s crying. After feeding him milk powder, he fell asleep for a while. When he woke
up, he opened his mouth to cry. Son, stop crying. Why are you crying?” Clive coaxed his son, but he
couldn’t coax him anymore.

He could only walk around with his son in his arms.

The holding posture was not good. When Camryn watched him hold the child, she was worried that the
child would slip to the ground.

“Maybe it’s pulled.”

Alice’s voice came from inside.

Clive carried his son back to the room, and Callum and Camryn followed him in. However, Callum just
stood at the door connecting the hall and the room while Camryn entered the room.

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