Novel Name : Life at the Top

Chapter 2480

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The two, who had been glaring at each other just now, were filled with indignation as they watched the
videos being played on the screen. The videos concealed behind these keys revealed not only current
camera captures but also an archive of past recordings.

Logically speaking, these videos should have been deleted. However, whether due to efficiency issues
at the headquarters or other reasons, these videos were not wiped out. So, Snow and Assange, who
originally just wanted to satisfy their curiosity, suddenly lost their composure.

They watched scenes of prisoners being tortured in prisoner-of-war camps, the daily life of a country’s
head of state being exposed, the daily life of ordinary people under the surveillance of other countries
all the time.

Snow suddenly felt that what he knew was shaken to pieces. The facts that he had believed were a
prop for others to cover the truth.

Many of these videos depicted events from the past, and as Snow watched them, he vividly recalled
some of the incidents that had occurred during that period. Upon careful reflection, it sent shivers down
his spine. Those behind many of the things he criticized previously were actually the intelligence
agency he worked for.

He suddenly felt that his belief in the intelligence industry was ridiculous. The foundation of his dream

His first reaction was confusion, and then this confusion turned into anger.

Assange’s anger was more. Even though he had long been accustomed to malicious speculation about
others, the truth was beyond his imagination.

The malice he originally thought turned out to be nothing more than child’s play in the face of the truth.

Assange was different from Snow. He was already doubting these intelligence agencies, otherwise, he
would not have hacked into the intelligence agency at the age of fourteen.

Although the intelligence agency had taken precautions in recent years, he still managed to
successfully obtain intelligence from the network, which further deepened his hostility towards the
authorities. Yet, words on paper were not as shocking as the images after all. As he watched the living
people in the video, Assange had to admit that he had been too naive in the past.

“Overthrow the intelligence agency surveillance tyranny!” Assange waved and shouted.

“Overthrow the intelligence agency surveillance tyranny!” Snow raised his hand and agreed.

The two were on the same side now.

“Do you still want to keep these videos hidden, shielding their actions from exposure?” In the end,
Assange asked the crucial question.

Under Assange’s sharp questioning, Snow fell silent.

Finally, Snow raised his head. “I still don’t think it’s time to make all these videos public.”

Snow’s answer instantly angered Assange. “You still care about your f*cking job in your intelligence
agency even now?”

Jagoan, who had been watching the whole call, was also furious. He was about to yell, but Jagoan,
who had been watching them from behind, quickly covered his mouth.

If Jagoan yelled in his man’s voice now, their plan would be in vain. Jagoan also realized what he
almost did and \had a look of embarrassment on his face.

On the other hand, Jagoan did not seem to have any worries on his face from the beginning to the end.
It was because he believed that Snow was the same person as the future warrior and would make the
right decision.

“No, you are wrong. I’ll admit that I am not completely disappointed with the intelligence agency yet. I
don’t like their current surveillance plan, but that is not why I refuse your request…”

“Do you really think that we can change anything with just the evidence in our hands?”

Hearing this, Assange fell silent. He knew Snow was right.

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