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Chapter 710 This Meeting Ends Here

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“This is now an official police record. Please take a moment to think carefully about where your father
might have gone. In the meantime, we’ll have some officers search the nearby area, Scott tried to
reassure Josie.

However, Josie couldn’t shake off her unease. “Officer Buncho, my father couldn’t have just lost his
way like that. He was in the car…”

Scott’s extensive investigative experience triggered a thought, “Do you know of anyone who might hold
a grudge against him?”

The notion of enemies sent Josie’s thoughts spiraling.

She couldn’t pinpoint them even if there were indeed any adversaries. Among the people she could
recall, none of them seemed to have any direct animosity toward her father.

Josie pursed her lips, “Let me think again. I’ll let you know if I recall anything.”

Scott nodded.

As he was getting ready to enter his car, a colleague patted him on the shoulder and said. “Relax,
Buncho. You’re out here on duty for a reason. Why’s still the long face? Don’t worry. They wouldn’t
keep you waiting for an eternity.”

Scott responded with a teasing glance before addressing Josie, “Do you need a lift?”

Josie’s focus snapped back suddenly, “…No, thank you.”

Having said that, she briskly walked to her car, pressed the gas pedal, and drove away.

As Josie sped away, the police officers exchanged hushed murmurs. One asked, “Officer Buncho, are
you handling this case, or…?”

Scott’s usually furrowed brow etched an even deeper line, “I am. Her background is more complex than
it seems.

“Oh? Who is she?” Another officer queried.

Scott disclosed, “She’s Dexter Russell’s wife.”

His colleagues immediately grasped why Scott had assumed personal responsibility for the case.

Josie drove straight to Russell Group. Amid the rush hour traffic, her driving was reckless and daring,
as if she had no fear of consequences.

Navigating through the flow of people leaving work, she headed for the VIP elevator and swiped her
card, gaining entry. She rode it to the top floor without hesitation.

Even at this point, Dexter did not return back the call.

“Mrs. Russell?”

The employees in the secretary’s office were taken aback by Josie’s hurried arrival. Observing that
Josie seemed to disregard them, they hastened to add, “Mr. Russell’s meeting is still ongoing. He’s not
in the office right now…”

Josie clenched her fists, her expression taut as she shifted her course and headed directly to the
conference room.

“Mrs. Russell, you can’t enter. Mr. Russell is in a board meeting now!”

The room was filled with all departmental directors of the company, all wielding significant influence.
They were engrossed in discussing critical matters concerning the company’s future trajectory.

Yet, undeterred, Josie stormed into the conference room, causing a stir among the attendees, who all
raised their heads in unison.

Seated at the head of the table, Dexter reviewed his files, his countenance bearing the cold
seriousness. befitting a business discussion devoid of his usual warmth.

He closed the folder.

One of the assistants from the secretary’s office promptly clarified, “Mrs. Russell insisted on entering,
and I couldn’t stop her…

The directors exchanged knowing glances, their expressions conveying their collective sentiment. As
Mrs. Russell, she was expected to observe protocols, and her abrupt intrusion wasn’t taken lightly.

Josie stood her ground at the entrance of the conference room. She turned slightly and raised her
voice, This meeting concludes now. Mr. Russell and I have an urgent matter to discuss.”

Her words carried resolve and fearlessness, though, upon closer scrutiny, faint beads of sweat were
visible. on her forehead.

The directors exchanged looks and eventually directed their gaze at Dexter.

He closed his folder and spoke composedly. “Didn’t you hear her? The meeting is over.”

With his directive, everyone had no choice but to rise and exit the conference room, passing by Josie.

“Now that it’s just us, what’s the matter?” Dexter inquired gently. His tone was devoid of reproach;
instead, a hint of warmth was restored.

Josie’s previously steady posture began to waver. With Dexter, she had no need to feign strength. She
uttered helplessly, “Pop is missing.”

Her revelation jolted Dexter, his expression taken aback.

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