Novel Name : The Secret Heir Return To Wealth And Love

Chapter 1862

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Rosalynn’s lips were tightly pressed.

Just then, a cheer from Ivy’s victorious game came from Jaime’s room.

“If it weren’t for Jaime acting fast, Cory and Ivy would’ve seen that corpse,” Wayne reminded.

Rosalynn’s hand trembled slightly at this.

“I get it,” she took a deep breath.

Rosalynn replied to Baillie’s message, “Okay.”

Baillie responded quickly, “Don’t worry, I’ll stick with Paige and Trista, I won’t leave.”

Baillie was always reliable. Rosalynn’s worries were quickly eased

“How’s Enca?” Rosalynn inquired.

“Mr. Carter probably hasn’t got the news yet, Felix replied.

“That’s probably better, so Erica won’t be scared tonight,” Rosalynn said, looking at Wayne, “Stay here
with Cory and Ivy. I’m going to check it out” Wayne looked serious, Til go with you then.”

“Stay, if the kids need their parents, someone should be here Rosalynn said, patting Wayne’s back,
then turned to Felix, “You come with me.” “Okay.”

For the first time, Felix was going against Rosalynn’s wishes, he was fearful too.

Rosalynn seemed like a nice person, but Felix knew from experience that when she got angry, she was
downright temifying and destructive.

It was getting dark outside, Rosalynn walked with long strides.

To break the awkward silence, Felix started the conversation, “Molly really gives me a headache

“What’s wrong?” Rosalynn glanced at him.

In Rosalynn’s eyes, there was no child easier to handle than Molly

“When Jaime discovered the body this afternoon, he was with Molly Felix answered,

Rosalynn couldn’t help but frown.

“When I got back, Molly ran over to me and told me how they found the body, said she smelled death
and knew someone had died, even asked me about the condition of the body, if I could determine the
cause of death… She wasn’t scared at all”

Felix sometimes imagined Molly being frightened, crying in his arms saying “Daddy, I’m scared”

“Also, Molly recognized the body as the butler’s as soon as she saw it, said she recognized his pants.
Felix continued.

“Molly is pretty sharp,” Rosalynn commented, “You were the one who nurtured these skills in her. Why
are you bothered?”

Felix looked down and said sincerely, “Perhaps I’ve seen her as a little girl for too long. I had forgotten
the tough times we went through together”

“Well, forget it, Molly won’t have to live like that again, thanks to you.”

Felix was taken aback.

1 don’t blame you for today Rosalynn continued, “Keep it up, Cory and Ivy’s safety should always be
your top priority”

Paige no longer needed Rosalynn’s support or protection, she had her own rock

“Got “Felix replied immediately

As they were talking, Rosalynn was nearing the lotus pond.

The air smelled slightly of decay

Rosalynn crinkled her nose unconsciously

“How come the surveillance didn’t capture anything?”

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