Novel Name : Love's Change of Heart

Chapter 872 A Man’s True Sense of Responsibility

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At the entrance of the police station, William and Mr. Jackson arrived almost at the same time. With the
support of someone, Mr. Jackson walked quickly to William and asked, "Why didn't you tell me about
such a big thing?"

William helped him and replied, "You haven't been feeling well lately, so I don't want to bother you."

"This is no trouble! It's just a trip." Mr. Jackson walked in with him and sighed. "I didn't expect him to be
Sandra's child. I always thought he looked a bit like you. Fate is really quite something."

William pursed his lips and said, "I didn't take good care of them."

Again, Mr. Jackson sighed. "Don't say that now. Let's get him out first."

In the station, a police officer asked them why they were there, and Mr. Jackson said while resting on
his cane, "My surname is Jackson. Please get Chief Jensen to meet me."

Seeing that both of them had extraordinary backgrounds, the police officer immediately went to inform
Nick, who rushed over. "Sir, what brought you here?"

As Mr. Jackson had great prestige in Highside, especially among William's generation, and many of
them had attended his lectures, most of them would address him with respect, and Nick was one of

In a deep voice, Mr. Jackson said, "I have something to discuss with you."

Nick supported him and said, "Please, let's talk in my office."

William didn't follow them and went outside to make a phone call instead. After they left, a few police
officers whispered to each other. "Why do you think Mr. Jackson suddenly came over? I haven't heard
of any case involving a powerful figure recently. Have you?"

"The one who came in yesterday… Isn't he President Pearson's brother?"

"That's his wife's brother, not his own, and I haven't heard that Mr. Jackson and the Pearsons have a
close relationship."

"But besides this case, all the other cases in our bureau are insignificant. There's no need for Mr.
Jackson to come in person, but the case involving Louis McKinney is a big deal. Whether Theodore
Frost lives or dies will determine the outcome."

"I think Theodore Frost would rather die. If he survives, he'll have to go back to prison, and his
sentence will be extended because of Daphne's case. He won't be able to get out for the next twenty or
thirty years."

"Hey, do you think Theodore Frost went to Louis McKinney because of this? After all, he's already living
a miserable life. It's better to die than to be imprisoned, and he can even drag someone down with

In the office, Nick appeared troubled after hearing Mr. Jackson's purpose for visiting. "Sir, I would like to
release him, too. President Pearson came here yesterday, but there's still no way. Half of the reporters
are still outside. How about waiting for a couple more days?"

Mr. Jackson said solemnly, "I heard that it was Frost who first verbally provoked him on campus. Louis
is a good kid, excellent in academics and character, and well-liked by his teachers and classmates at
school. Besides having a conflict with Frost, he has no other blemish on his record. You can't push over
a good person like this."

"Sir, I've investigated and learned about him. But as you know, we must follow a certain procedure to
handle cases. Don't worry; once the reporters have left in a few days, I promise to send him back to
you safely and clear his name in public after the trial is over. As for Frost, we've started internal
investigations and will question everyone involved in his release on bail."

Without a word, Mr. Jackson leaned on his cane. Nick had a point. Although Theodore deserved no
pity, his death should be judged and executed by the law. After coming to a decision, he stood up and
said, "I won't make things difficult for you, but this child is the son of an old friend of mine. Please take
good care of him. He has a bright future ahead of him."

Startled, Nick thought, Not only is Louis McKinney President Pearson's brother-in-law, but he's also the
son of Mr. Jackson's old friend. Seems like he has a powerful background, but who exactly is this old

Before leaving, Mr. Jackson asked, "May we visit him?"

Nick nodded. "Of course, you may."

When they came out of Nick's office, William had just finished his phone call and walked in. Because of
what Mr. Jackson had said earlier, Nick took a few more glances at William and could confirm that
William was a completely unfamiliar face to him, a face that had never appeared in his mind before.

Turning around, Mr. Jackson said, "Go on ahead with your work and just have someone take us there."

As Nick had other matters to attend to, he arranged for someone to take them to see Louis. When they
reached the waiting room, Mr. Jackson stopped in his tracks and announced, "I'm not going in. Talk to
him properly because this child is stubborn, just like his mother and sister."

"I know," William replied.

In the waiting room, Louis sat on a single bed, looking out the window, lost in thought. He wasn't
handcuffed, but he was confined to this small room. No matter how many times he went through this,
he concluded that he had no regrets.

Just then, the door was pushed open. Thinking that it was a police officer coming to interrogate him, he
asked, "Is he dead?"

"Not yet."

The answer came from a strange and calm male voice, and Louis' eyebrows furrowed after he spun his
head toward the source.

William closed the door behind him and walked toward Louis. Pulling out a chair in front of the desk
and sitting down, he fixed his gaze on him. "Do you want him to die or not?"

Louis averted his gaze, lowering his eyes without an answer.

William continued, "You're an adult, so you should understand the consequences. Even if he deserves
to die, there is still a legal process. What you did is taking the law into your own hands."

Louis replied coldly, "If the law worked, how could he have escaped prison?"

This time, William remained silent, and Louis lay on the single bed with no intention of discussing this
matter further with him, facing away from him.

"I saw your girlfriend at the hospital," William mentioned.

The knot between Louis' eyebrows furrowed even deeper. His thin lips pursed together, and he
gradually clenched his fists.

"She has been waiting outside the hospital room for you," William said. "If you want to see her, the only
way is for you to get out of here. Right now, you may feel fearless of the consequences, but have you
ever thought that your actions only moved you? Those worried about you are still waiting outside,
working tirelessly to ensure your safe release from here."

Louis turned his back to him and remained silent.

"A man's true sense of responsibility is to protect his loved ones and not bring trouble to others, and not
to let the person he protects live a life of self-blame and pain. Have you fulfilled any of these things I've
said?" Rising to his feet, he added, "I'll come to pick you up the day after tomorrow, at the latest. Before
that, think carefully about what you truly want and the meaning behind your actions."

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