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Chapter 1423

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The Precarious Queen
The crowd erupted in an uproar upon learning the truth.
At this moment, everyone couldn’t tell if it was true or false.
However, Olivia knew that what Lucian said was not true. The patrol that night was lenient. There were
only a few guards patrolling absentmindedly; it was as if they were slacking off.
As for the so-called infrared rays, it was even more ridiculous. They had never encountered them
before. Otherwise, things wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.
It went so smoothly that even their seniors began to suspect that someone was secretly helping them.
Now, the truth was revealed, right?
It turned out that Lucian and Double Dragon Court were conspiring. This also explained why Lucian
knew so quickly that their necklace was fake.
It was because Joseph asked Alice.
Yet, Olivia didn’t understand one thing. Why did he set up the video? What was the purpose of doing
Alice narrowed her eyes. No wonder Lucian suddenly asked about the necklace that night and said he
heard some noise. He asked if someone had intruded on the place.
It turned out that he already knew someone would steal the necklace and secretly placed a video
recorder in the study.
What exactly is he up to? It can’t be just for targeting Olivia today, right?
She slowly took a seat in a queen-like posture. “Dad, you said someone sent you a message about the
theft back then, right?”
He nodded. “Yes.”
She asked, “Who was that person?”
He replied, “It was just an ordinary person’s phone number.”

Alice narrowed her eyes. “You went to such great lengths for a tip-off from an ordinary person’s phone
Joseph looked at the crowd and said confidently, “This is related to the fate of our Eurosia. Of course, I
should believe it.”
She said, “You went to my study, which is a highly restricted area, because of a groundless tip-off. The
reason is too far-fetched. And most importantly, why didn’t you tell me about secretly placing the video
Joseph frowned, looking hurt. “Alice, what do you mean by this? Although your mother abdicated in
your favor, you hadn’t officially ascended to the throne at that time. Before she passed away, she
specifically called me over and said that your father had died early. She asked me to treat you and
Albert as my own.
“For so many years, I thought I had treated you both equally. As you said, I investigated the phone
number, and it was indeed an insignificant person. But can I just ignore it because he is insignificant?
Of course not. It would be good if we could catch the thief, but even if we couldn’t, just think of it as a
waste of energy.
“Can I inform you about this matter when it is very likely a prank? Of course not. I was wrong for not
telling you later that the thief did sneak into your study. But Alice, didn’t I ask you before?”
Alice scoffed inwardly. He and his slick tongue!
Lucian wasn’t finished yet. He looked at her with a pained expression. “I only found out today that you
never considered me as your family. I treated you as my own, though.
“Otherwise, you wouldn’t have suspected my motives. When your mother passed away, Eurosia was in
turmoil. You were in tears all day long, and I was also dwelling on your mother’s death. What kind of
motive could I possibly have at that time? You would rather protect a thief than believe in your own
He turned around abruptly and walked out.
The others didn’t understand, but the majority of them were displeased with her actions.
Regardless of Lucian’s inappropriate actions, they couldn’t understand Alice’s defense of Olivia.

It sounded somewhat ungrateful.
Back then, Alice was often melancholic. Lucian was busy taking care of everything most of the time.
Alice frowned slightly. Lucian was indeed much more difficult to deal with than Beatrix because he was
Olivia and Eugene exchanged glances before looking at Alice again.
As Albert had mentioned, Alice’s position as the queen was precarious.

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