Novel Name : The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell

Chapter 2534

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In the Divine Martial Sect, Ferdy and several followers who had come to visit him were seated.

“Sit… It’s rare for you to still remember to visit me!” Ferdy glanced at the pile of gifts that was sent to him
and said with a smile.

“Brother Burem, we can’t disturb you when you recover. Furthermore, Marquis Cucakrawa has ordered
you to rest well for a few days. Therefore, we do not dare to visit you rashly. Please forgive us.”

Upon hearing these words, everyone’s hearts first trembled, before they explained in a flattering manner.

“I see… Mt cousin is really thoughtful.” Ferdy nodded.

Of course, he knew that Marquis Cucakrawa didn’t just want him to recuperate, he also wanted Ferdy to
reflect on himself. After all, the Mystic Sky Rankings qualifying match was supposed to be the fat meat
that had been sent to his mouth. It was almost a personal performance match that Ferdy couldn’t eat all
of it.

This was a big problem!

This was not only Ferdy’s humiliation, but also a disgrace to the Burem family, making Marquis
Cucakrawa lose face!

Fortunately, there was still Marquis Cucakrawa at that time, so he suppressed Caspian to the bottom of
hell without saying anything. He helped Ferdy to save the face of the Burem family. Otherwise, a seventh
stage of Nirvana Realm practitioner would not be able to match a third level of Nirvana Realm
practitioner and was directly eliminated before he won. Ferdy would lose again and again.

It was likely that even Marquis Cucakrawa’s reputation in the Divine Martial Sect would be damaged.
This was definitely not something that could be allowed.

“However, in such a short period of time, Brother Burem has already recovered. This kind of physique
really makes us envious!” Someone suddenly said.

How long had it been since the Profound Sky Rankings qualifying match ended?

At that time, Jagoan was seriously injured, but now his injuries already completely healed. Moreover, his
aura became even more powerful, making others feel great respect.

“Haha, it’s all thanks to my cousin who healed me. Otherwise, I’m afraid it’ll take some time.” Jagoan said
with a smile.

Suddenly, he changed the topic. “If it weren’t for the fact that Jagoan took the opportunity to sneak attack
me and didn’t talk about martial arts, I wouldn’t have been careless enough to get hurt! It’s a pity that
Jagoan fell into hell and couldn’t come back. Otherwise, I would have fried his skin and torn his bones to
vent my hatred!”

Hearing this, everyone just smiled apologetically, not knowing how to answer.

Jagoan had defeated Jagoan, so it could be said that he had taken advantage of the sneak attack.

What about later?

Jagoan had used all his trump cards, but he couldn’t defeat the other party. Now, for the sake of his
reputation, Jagoan actually turned the facts upside down. If they were not involved, they would probably
believe Jagoan’s nonsense. However, they didn’t dare to say that.

They didn’t come here on their own initiative, so someone asked, “Brother Burem, why do you say that
Jagoan will never return after falling into hell? Although hell is horrible, his strength is not too weak What
if something happens?”

“There’s no what if!” Jagoan said firmly, “You think that Jagoan may have a chance to survive because
you don‘t know what hell is!”

“I’d like to hear the details!”

“Please give me some advice, Brother Burem.”

“Brother Burem, please explain.”

People kept asking.

“The Hell is filled with the aura of hell. If a living person is tainted by it, it is destined to become a walking
corpse. If one were to cultivate, it is highly likely that one would become an evil spirit. This is a test that is
everywhere in the Hell. Jagoan is only at the third level of the Nirvana Realm. It is impossible for him to
withstand the aura of hell for too long. After a long time, he will definitely die. This is one of the reasons.”

“Second, he must have fallen to the lowest level of hell after being thrown into hell. Once he reaches the
lowest level, he will have to fight his way back layer by layer! There are many ghosts in hell. It’s more
than a thousand times stronger than the Great Tomb of the Ghosts. Even if they didn’t die of exhaustion,
Jagoan could not defeat all of them even if he won once or twice in the face of the guarding ghosts on
each floor!”

Jagoan continued, “Because these great ghosts guarding each barrier, some of them are made up of
countless evil ghosts. In the extreme death, they contain a little vitality, endless. Unless they can be killed
in one breath, they will be reborn and endless!”

“You know, even if Jagoan is lucky enough to pass this test, there are still dragon demons condensed
from ancient dragon bones. They are pure and powerful. I guess that even the true disciple is no match
for them. How much chance does Jagoan have to win against them?”

Everyone suddenly understood.

If Jagoan was telling the truth, then forget about Jagoan, even someone at the seventh stage of the
Nirvana Realm like Jagoan himself was incomparably dead.

The Hell was truly too terrifying!

When he saw this, Jagoan said in a mysterious tone, “Especially the highest level of hell. This is the
closest floor to the ground, but it is the most difficult and extremely terrifying one. If you want to cross it,
forget about the third level Nirvana Reahn like Jagoan, even the seventh or eighth level Nirvana Realm
has a high chance of being defeated. It is a close shave! Even if Jagoan is lucky, he will still die if they
come to this level, even if they die! ”


At the same time, in hell.

With a punch from Jagoan, the newest layer of ghosts was annihilated.

Seeing this, he was pleasantly surprised. He did not expect that he had improved so much and become
so powerful!

Thinking of this, he did not stop. He quickly absorbed the remaining energy left after killing the ghosts
and quickly went to the higher level.

In the Hell, Jagoan moved forward in an unstoppable manner, and his body, which was tens of
thousands of feet tall, punched the hell, constantly improving.

When he felt that he had accumulated enough strength, he actually began to advance and charge
towards the fourth level of Nirvana Realm!

This time, Jagoan did not use the fourth life soul to protect him. Not to mention that there was no direct
danger here that could threaten him, and Jagoan felt that he was now tens of thousands of meters tall,

not afraid of any disasters or dangers.


Jagoan began to undergo the tribulation. Unlike before, his momentum was more than a hundred times
that of before.

After he advanced to Nirvana Realm, the momentum of his passing tribulation was no longer as
exaggerated as before. Instead, it appeared to be reserved and did not reveal one’s strength. It was as
though it was a stage of accumulation, waiting to return to its original state. However, it was different for a
Jagoan to advance from third level to fourth level Nirvana Realm.

In the Divine Martial Sect, advancing from third stage to fourth stage of Nirvana Realm could be
upgraded from core disciple to true disciple. This meant that there was a huge gap between the two. It
could even be said that they had been reborn. Even the Divine Martial Sect had to pay more attention to

However, Jagoan also had a powerful momentum when she broke through to the fourth level of the
Nirvana Realm. On contrary, the calamity of Jagoan was hundreds or thousands of times greater than
what she had experienced at that time. It was as if he was going to destroy the world. The originally
terrifying hell had become even more shocking and terrifying under the might of Jagoan’s tribulation.

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