Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 4748

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In the eyes of the Verde Academy's powerhouses, Zula was a corrupted cultivator, and James had
been bewitched.

"I don’t want to return to Tempris House anymore."

Zula was heartbroken by their reaction.

Instead of returning to the Tempris House, living comfortably and leisurely in the Tarbitha Sect would be
a better choice.

However, James grabbed her and prevented her from leaving.

Then, he said, "And what if I insist on bringing her back to the Tempris House?"

Parthias said coldly, "Come to your senses, James.If you insist, then bear her karma.She has been the
Malvada Sect’s Leader for many years.The Malvada Sect's powerhouses have killed countless living
beings, and she must've contaminated a great amount of karma.If you take it on her behalf, I'll approve
her returning to Tempris House."

James said decisively, "I'll do it."

Zula quickly dissuaded him, "Don’t, James."

She was aware of the tremendous amount of karma she carried.

As the Malvada Sect’s Leader, she had to bear a certain amount of karma when her disciples took the
lives of others.

However, she felt it was because she could not manage them well.

Even though each time would only bring about a small amount of karma, it accumulated over time.

Moreover, she also bore the Immortal Sect’s karma.

The Verde Academy and Immortal Sect were enemies, and the karma involved was terrifyingly strong.

However, a powerful force had already emerged after James had finished speaking.

It was the Karma Power that Zula had been contaminated with throughout the years.

The Karma Power did not affect Zula because she could suppress it with her powerful cultivation base.

However, James’ cultivation rank was lower than hers.

Unable to suppress the Karma Power, James was covered with injuries.

The powerhouses watched James being surrounded by the karma in shock.

The Karma Power was corroding his body, Path, and very existence.

"From now onward, Zula is officially a disciple of Tempris House.I won't hold back if anyone dares to
object to her being here."

After James left a threat, he quickly grabbed Zula and left.

The next moment, they appeared at the main mountain of Tempris House.

James’ cultivating comrades immediately sensed the terrifying Karma Power upon his return.

Waleria was the first to show up.She looked at the Karma Power surrounding James and took a few
steps backward.She stared at James warily and said, "What the hell happened? Why are you
surrounded by such potent Karma Power?"

"I don't have time to talk.I need to head into seclusion immediately."

James left a few words and hurriedly left.

Everyone was left looking at each other in confusion.

Ultimately, their gazes fixated on Zula.

Zula wore a troubled expression as she explained everything.

Waleria immediately grumbled, "Reckless! That brat really overestimates himself.As a cultivator, he
should be well aware of what karma is.No powerhouse in the Endlos’ Nine Districts would want to be
contaminated by such terrifying Karma Power.Everyone would avoid it at all cost."

She disapproved of James’ actions.

Wynton said, "Let's just wait and see.Perhaps he is capable of neutralizing Karma Power."

Waleria said furiously, "Neutralize my ass! It’s Karma Power accumulated in the body of a powerhouse
at the Quasi Chaos Rank over countless years we're talking about.At his cultivation rank, how is he
going to neutralize it?"

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