Novel Name : You More Than Anything In The World

Chapter 1364 Good Attitude

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“Feeling better?” Benjamin asked, his forehead pressed against hers, brimming with concern.

Arissa was touched. She could genuinely feel the concern from Benjamin, unlike the so-called concern
from Regan. Even if every word and sentence from Regan was filled with worry, she didn't feel it at all.

The difference between sincerity and insincerity was quite clear.

“Mm!” She nodded, but he held her forehead so she couldn't move, and she laughed softly.

Benjamin kissed her on the nose and on the lips.

Arissa also reciprocated his affection, merely pecking the corner of his mouth lightly, which in turn
elicited an even more passionate kiss from Benjamin.

A few minutes later, Benjamin finally let her go. His burning gaze fixed on her shy demeanor as he felt
an immense satisfaction deep within his heart.

Arissa met his fiery gaze. Her eyes flickered away for a moment, and she gently pushed him away with
her hand. “I'm fine now. You can go on with your work!”

Benjamin held her hand, playfully toying with her fingers. “The kids didn't come up to keep you

When he had just arrived, he didn't see the children and had no idea where they had run off.

Upstairs was also quiet.

“They should be over by the garden!” Arissa stared at Benjamin, hearing the distant voices of children
before she picked up the phone earlier.

Benjamin arched an eyebrow, already knowing where the children had run off to. He said to her,
“They've probably gone to watch Shaun and the others jogging. Dad and the others aren't downstairs
either, so they've likely gone to join the fun.”

Arissa glanced at Benjamin and deliberately let out a light sigh. “If only I weren't confined to lying down.
I would have loved to go out with them!”

Benjamin chuckled, pinched her nose, and asked, “Do you still want to go out?”

By then, Ethen and his group should have almost finished their run.

Arissa chuckled a few times. She wasn't asleep yet and was always looking for something to do.

“They must have finished jogging!” Benjamin told her while pulling up the surveillance footage.

Sure enough, not far from the main gate, Ethen and Shaun were sprawled out on the road while Jack
stood to one side. Only Bradley was left, but he wasn't running anymore; people walking were faster
than him.

At that moment, Bradley was exhausted and drenched in sweat. He was struggling to move and
panting heavily.

“How awful!” Arissa exclaimed, peering at the state Bradley was in.

Benjamin glanced at her, scoffing lightly, “Feeling sorry for him, are you?”

Arissa laughed. “No. It's just that I can feel his exhaustion just by looking at him.” They secretly took the
kids to beat someone up. As such, they certainly deserve some punishment for this.

“Jack's physical abilities are so impressive. I couldn't even tell he had run thirty kilometers!” Arissa
stared at Jack's upright military posture, full of admiration.

“He trains all year round, so, naturally, his physical fitness is better than others. Otherwise, all those
years he spent at the base would be in vain!” Benjamin was not surprised as he was quite familiar with
Jack's situation. “It's only thirty kilometers, yet Ethen and Shaun are already exhausted. Looks like I'll
need to ramp up their physical training in the future!”

When Arissa heard that, the edges of her mouth twitched. Deep down, she felt a surge of sympathy for
Shaun and Ethen.

In the surveillance footage, she saw the children, Darius, Mary, and Edwin standing by the roadside,
waiting for Bradley to finish.

There was no sound, so Arissa couldn't tell what they were saying, but it was clear that the children
were very excited.

“Even though those little brats just finished their punishment, they look so happy!” She couldn't help but

Benjamin chuckled lightly. “It shows that the kids are in a good mood. Surely, you don't want them to be

all downcast, do you? If they're unhappy, you'd be upset too.”

Arissa glanced at him and stubbornly retorted, “You just never seen me punish them before. I won't be

She would consider herself lucky if she wasn't completely riled up whenever the children acted

When she became angry, the punishments she dished out naturally became more severe.

“There will be opportunities in the future!” Benjamin said with a smile, going along with her.

Arissa pursed her lips, speechless. Is he starting to get his hopes up?

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